Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Whose Face in the Heart of the Moon?

Winter Moon: A Call to See Who is Looking 

" I see the moon and the moon sees me.
  The moon sees somebody I want to see.
  God bless the moon and God bless me
  And God bless the somebody I want to see."

I learned this song at Camp Witawentin when I was a young girl. It has echoed in my heart for well over half a century. A prayer of the heart always.

Recently the moon saw me on the way home and held me captive by her beauty and power. My first impulse was to find someone to share the moment, as I stood gazing at the unique setting of this lunar rising. A prayer for consciousness of the now moment.

The faithful moon calls us to look into our hearts and ponder who else in this world is looking up at the moon with us. Sometimes I see migrant families guided in the dark by her soft light. I breathe a prayer of comfort and safety.
I see refugees huddled in a boat on the dark water and connect my heart with their hope that life can be better. I pray that there will be someone to receive them somewhere.

For some, I suspect, that the moon holds them as a raft collapses. I imagine her presence accompanying them on their sacred passage through to the other side of their lives. I bow my head in reverence and tears.

O tender moon of beauty and power,
You who seem to appear and disappear from our sight,
You are an image of God for us.
We are always in your view.
Allow us to sense particular faces.
Call us to a new way of praying.
God bless you moon.
And bless those you want us to see.