Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dare to Doubt

During this Easter season our scripture readings
tell of the resurrection appearances of Jesus. After spending time with Doubting Thomas, I offer the following reflection.

Dear Thomas,
How grateful we are to you for your gift of doubt;
         for questioning appearances;
         for taking the time you needed with your grief.
Grief at the great disruption
            of your heart’s desire to be moving forward in life with your friend, Jesus.
Grief at his disappearance in such a bloody and brutal manner.

It appears that as you were longing for belonging,
Separated from the experience of your companions;
So was your Beloved One,
            The One you knew,
            Who knew you knew… knew you,
            Longing for you to know
            You were still known
And so a new invitation came to you:

Come, draw near, touch the place of my wounds.
Let go of anything that keeps you afraid.
Place your hand in my side and
Know me from the inside out, as I know you, still.

In to me, see.
Nothing has changed, except  everything.

As I have been transformed, so have you.

Believe in yourself.
Believe in me.
Believe in life.

I have known you from of old.
I know you now, and
I hold with you a future memory.

My life flows into you and through you
And through you into all you desire to be part of with me.

Dear Thomas,
Thank you for letting your doubt out.