Friday, April 8, 2016

Hello Yellow Daffodil

Here to show that we survived the April snow and the windy blow. Alleluia

The survival of the daffodils, buried beneath the snow for two days and blowing in the wind for two more has much to teach.
Daffodils symbolize rebirth and new beginnings, How appropriate that this common flower has appeared as such a strong symbol this second week of Easter.
May each of us find the blessing of beauty, new life and new perspectives. Be the one to say hello and watch the glow come to a neighbor's face.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April Showers?

Down in Adoration Falling
Perspective is everything.
It's early April. Spring came early following a very mild New England winter. Easter came early too, the last week in March.
Here it is the first week in April and the daffodils are bent low as they gaze in wonder at the snow. I took this picture yesterday. Most of those I showed it to commented on how sad they looked. My friend, Martha returned an e-mail with the above response.

Yesterday as we prayed with Mary at the Annunciation, we wondered with her "How can this be?"
Today we prayed with Nicodemus as he was invited to be born anew and enter life within the Spirit of God. "How can this be?"

I suspect these newly born daffodils, in their own way are pondering the same question.

Each of is invited anew this Easter season to live from the place of resurrection. It is a call to see what we think is apparent, to a possible different perspective. What is offering itself to us that might be an invitation to move from "How can this be?" to "Let it be"?

So many years ago in Bethlehem a baby came like a violet in the snow.

From this perspective we open ourselves to something new emerging. What is it for you?