Thursday, January 16, 2014

We Journey

We are on our 2014 journey in time. It is January and we are in the bleak mid-winter. And what a winter it is. Temperatures dip below zero and rise the next day to 50 degrees. Snow, sleet, rain, wind, sunshine…white sky, gray sky, blue sky, fog and blinding light… black ice, pot holes, ruts and beauty galore… These elements accompany us on our journey. Or, do we accompany them?

Our maxim 63 counsels us:
Do not consider unfortunate events as obstacles but as aids, and cherish them, whatever they may be, as effects of the gentle and loving Providence of God. 

This maxim is part of grouping which counsel us to stop and notice our relationship with ourselves. It takes courage to notice our personal response to the unexpected. It takes patience to adjust to adaptations. Often it is only in retrospect that we are able to see the divine design in the events of our lives.

Today we are ever more conscious of how quickly things are changing. Nature seems to be affirming this for us. She is inviting us to see in new ways and to be in new ways. The unexpected seems to be the new normal. What grace do we need to ask for these days in order to move with the unexpected?

May each of us be open to receiving the effects of God’s gentle and loving providence in our lives each day.  May we share our stories as we accompany one another on this winter journey.