Monday, December 19, 2016

God's Christmas Dream

The Divine Word became Flesh of our flesh and Bone of our bone.

The stars sang when you were born.            All creation leaned in close to listen                       to the song that is you.

God’s dream has always included you…. This is nothing new… All life is a dance… inviting you to take a chance … So come, walk with me … and let us discover the ONE that is WE.
Mary, Elizabeth and Joseph, were invited into thresholds, where they would meet the One who called them into life… and then cross over with God, into the world we would come to know. They leaned into an encounter with God … which opened them to encounters with the mystery of one another.
When Jesus was born, God became Flesh of our flesh and Bone of our bone. God in Jesus, walked among us, encountering each person, calling each to know and sing and dance their songs into community.
When Jesus died, WE , in our common humanity, were called to our own thresholds, where we would become God’s Flesh and God’s Bones.

Lean into your Life … the one God has put in motion … Lean into God… Lean into one another…
Leaving the known behind, we cross the threshold to the surprise and expectation of mystery…trusting the strength and agility of one another.

Who do I lean into and recognize the Face of God?  Who accompanies me so I can sing my song?
Where am I the Body of Christ on Earth….the hands … the feet… the eyes?

Bless you body this Christmas and thank Jesus for the gift of Incarnation.

Monday, December 5, 2016

A Season of Waiting

O Come All Ye Faithful

ADVENT ---   We wait.  We wait.

        ADVENT ---  We search.   We search.

                ADVENT --- O come.  O come.

                       ADVENT --- Lead us to you, God. Show us your face.

We have heard O God, that you dwell among us. Sometimes you are silent. Often you are hidden.
Advent moments arrive as invitations for us to come and find you now.
We look for You and we find you looking for us.
Often You are looking at us, right through us, moving us to compassion and love.

This young child of Haiti, survived Hurricane Matthew. In late October Sister Eunice, Holly and Nancy travelled to the mountain villages of Haiti to see how the families they work with were doing.
They brought seeds to replant the crops that were washed away and medicine for those they could reach. As they searched and found those who were waiting, they saw the Face of God.

May each of us find in the neighborhoods around us this Advent, at least one Face of God. May we allow that Face to penetrate our heart. May we come to know anew the mystery of Incarnation.