Friday, February 14, 2014

Mysticism of Relationship

Mysticism of Relationship

Today is Valentine’s Day.  It is the heart of February.  Snow blankets much of our country. Our attention is focused on the young athletes of the world gathered in Sochi, Russia for the winter Olympics. Our hearts are broken open at the same time, as we witness the unimaginable suffering of millions of our brothers and sisters caught in the crossfires of war. Love is seeking us in every direction.
Speak to me of God
The mysticism inherent in our vocation continually presents us with the reality of God speaking to us through all things. The silent tree, the open sky and the moonlight are there to commune with everyone. These elements engage me in this mysticism of relationship. When I stop and enter the silence, I become aware of the love of brother tree, sister moon and beloved sky and their care for each and all of us.  In this presence I awaken to the expansion of the heart of compassion.

Last week, in the midst of a snowfall at Mont Marie, I went out at dusk to take in the beauty of the fresh fallen snow on the trees. It spoke to me of peace and shelter.

The Hearth of Community

After supper that evening I enjoyed the presence of a small group of us gathered around the table.  Maddie came up to share her plum pudding. In the shelter and comfort of community, conversation led to lingering.  The mysticism of relationship moves beyond time and space. So much journeying brings us back in close communion with one another. We become aware of the treasure we hold in these earthen vessels.

I left to visit the night sky and was gifted with a surprise. 
In the silence of winter's mystery, be still.
The gazebo in the courtyard glowed with the light from the sky, the color of which I know not the name. Perhaps the red has something to say of the suffering as well as the joy of knowing we are all connected in this mysticism of relationship.

Maxim 88 says: Be careful about the good use of time which is so precious, not losing a minute of it, devoting and offering it to God unreservedly with very pure and noble intentions.

Silent reflection is a good use of time. May we all find time to let God speak to us of ways to appreciate the pure and noble intentions of one another in this communion of life.