Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Signs of Hope

Marion Honors csj used with permission

Signs of Hope

Spring Dialogue  by Marion Honors CSJ

It is planting time.

The woman encourages her seedling to be strong and courageous.  

She asks the soil to be welcoming.

She promises them her vigilance for foes and the harsh weather.

She promises as well, an appreciative eye for their beauty.

April always speaks to me of birth. It is a month full of surprise. We are encouraged to participate in welcoming the new.

In her “Spring Dialogue” Marion Honors’ woman is deeply in touch with the realization that she is part of this garden. She is full of hope and confidence that each element is doing its part to support the growth of this seedling in her hand. Her bare feet are planted firmly on the ground. Her experienced hands know how to feel for just the right depth of soil to place this one. The pattern of her skirt is a visual of the field of flowers that will bring their beauty to that meadow over time. She wears what she is about. She is preaching without saying a word.

In late March, thirty two Sisters of St. Joseph who are engaged in Vocation and Formation ministry around the country met in Latham, New York. “Moving Forward in Hope as Sisters of St. Joseph” was our theme. One morning we prayed with this image and shared with one another new signs of hope that we are seeing in religious life. One person reflected that the roots of these seedlings would soon intertwine and grow to be a support for one another. This calls us to network more. We reminded each other that our charism is permeating what we do, working its essence through us and among us. It is helping us to see who we are and is calling us forward.

We asked ourselves and ask you to take the time this spring to notice what is emerging that is new. What is present though not visible? What has died? What is already being born? What does Resurrection look like? Where are the links?

We offer an invitation to pray in a new way with your signs of hope for new life among us. Making friends with the current reality, ask
Dearly Beloved Charism,
What does this mean? What is your guidance?

Quiet your mind and have no preoccupation with an answer.
What is the inner knowing?

Please share what comes forth from your place of wisdom.